Edirne Selimiye Mosque Tour

Edirne Selimiye Mosque Tour

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12 hours in the morningVehicle TourAt least 4 people


    Edirne's Glorious Legacy: Selimiye Mosque and the Genius of Mimar Sinan: Edirne Selimiye Mosque Tour

    Daily Tour Duration: 12 Hours in the Morning Note Minimum 4 people required

    You will visit the Selimiye Mosque, which has become the symbol of Edirne, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. The mosque was designed and built by the famous architect Mimar Sinan. Sinan the Architect is considered a genius who lived during the rise of the Ottoman Empire and with the Selimiye Mosque he expressed this power through his architectural marvel. The mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is of great interest worldwide.

    The mesmerizing image of the Selimiye Mosque is a work of art, the construction of which began in 1568 and was completed in 1575 with the labor of about 15 thousand people. When you enter the mosque, the magnificent dome reflecting the mastery of Mimar Sinan impresses the visitors. The supporting legs of the dome divide the interior space. The mosque played an important role throughout history as a place where the Ottoman army stopped during their European campaigns and where thousands of people could worship in comfort. The minarets with three balconies at the four corners of the mosque are considered among the most elegant minarets in the world.

    The tour includes a visit to this magnificent mosque and its surroundings. You can contact us for detailed information and reservation.